Ticks Leeches (Tool)

Bass Cover (With Tabs) by Leo Düzey

Ticks Leeches (Tool)
18 May 2019


"Ticks & Leeches" from Tool's "Lateralus" album (2001).
This song gets completely overshadowed by Lateralus in my opinion. I definitely enjoy this song more than Lateralus. Anyway, Undertow might be the most aggressive album they have, but Ticks & Leeches has to be the most aggressive and fastest song they have. How does Danny Carey even keep up with this 160bpm madness?? Annnnnyway, it's all pretty straight forward until 5:51. The only difficult thing is probably the muted notes during the chorus and the riff at 2:31. So, the soft bit that starts at 4:20 is interesting. Most tabs on the internet show that it's an octave lower than you hear. I have to disagree. The "16" at 4:41 pretty much proves that it is an octave higher. It later on drops the lower octaves at 5:06. Now, the riff at 6:45 was also interesting. I haven't found a single tab that includes the higher D note and also slides up to a "5" on the lower D string. Anyway, not the easiest song, but it's definitely worth learning it since it's really fun to play.

Some important information that nobody is going to read.
Tuning : D-A-D-G
Artist : Tool
Bassist : Justin Chancellor
Album : Lateralus (2001)
Bass : Ibanez SR1805