Tool-Ticks Leeches-Johnkew Drum Cover

Tool-Ticks Leeches-Johnkew Drum Cover
14 August 2015

A pattern I've noticed with Danny Carey is his subtlety, which is definitely NOT the first thing you notice about this song. Gonzo is a more appropriate term. But leave it to Mr. Carey to incorporate cleverness in a seemingly wild groove. Regardless, keeping this pace throughout the song was a true physical challenge. I played it several times through before I was satisfied at even getting close, and by the end I felt like I had run a marathon.

Speaking of subtleties, after recording this and then re-watching videos of Carey himself playing it, I realized that I missed a flam on the main tom groove. I'm sure I'll hear about it in the comments section. If you feel overwhelmed with rage that I missed the flams, before commenting in all-caps, try drinking a nice cold glass of water and toweling off. Trust me, it really helps :-)

Every new Tool song is an adventure.

Thanks to William Cameron for the amazing new video intro and logo!

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Recorded on Sonor Select Force maple drums, DW Steel Performance Series 14 x 8 Snare, Evans G2 batter drum heads and G1 resonant drum heads, Sabian HHX Evolution 14-inch hi-hat; Sabian AAX-plosion 14-inch hi-hat auxiliary; Stacker with Sabian 19-inch Paragon china and 18-inch AAX O-zone, Paiste Dark Energy 8-inch splash; Sabian 21-inch Holy China, DW 9000 double bass pedal, DW 3000 hi hat stand, Tama drum throne, Pro Mark 747 sticks, Audix Fusion overhead microphones, Apex 435 room mics, Audix D-series mics on toms and kick, Audix i5 and Shure SM57 mic on snare, M-Audio Profire 2626 interface, Logic Pro X, Sony Alpha 6000, Canon T2i, Canon Vixia HF M40, and GoPro HD Hero cameras, Shure in-ear monitors.