Alip Ba Ta

Memories to the Future (Antoine Dufour) | Whose Better? | REACTION

Alip Ba Ta
24 February 2020

WHO PLAYS IT BETTER? Alip or Antoine? That is only for you to decide but I definitely would have to say...well, you're just going to have to watch and find out! Welcome back my saucy, succulent friends for today's Alip Ba Ta reaction video featuring the one and the only Citizen Shane. Also along for the ride is Alip Ba Ta himself and Antoine Dufour. Today's Alip Ba Ta guitar video is more of a "who plays it better" type video. Alip versus Antoine, it's going to be a battle royale. We've done a similar Alip Ba Ta guitar reaction video where Alip battled Tohpati and who won? Well, you'll have to go watch that video to find out!


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Oh boy oh Berto, we are back in the bottom of the description. Welcome. Today we are doing Alip Ba Ta - Memories to the Future reaction featuring Antoine Dufour. I like these variations of Alip videos where it's not the same everyday. I like the battle videos where Alip takes on the world of guitar players. I do believe this is the first Alip Ba Ta - Antoine Dufour video that has been done anywhere on the internet. Am I right? Or am I wrong? If I am wrong, then, it's the only worth watching! OH!!!!