The Cure

In Between Days [Extended] *[RARE]*

The Cure
24 December 2009

The Cure In Between Days extended 12 inch version. This only came out on the US & Canadian single, not the UK single. The Cure have not released this officially on any deluxe CD, and they did not release as an MP3 format anywhere to buy. A few have posted this, but I'm not satisfied until I record it myself right, extra loud and clear, from my barely played original vinyl I bought in 1985. Enjoy this cool rare Cure extended version. This is a real Cure extended version. Only real Cure fans know this is not a fake, or some DJ making his own remix. A few people have posted "fake" 80's remixes lately of this and many more bs versions, claiming extended, blah blah.... Sst! Zzz... fake news!