Vietnam Barber Shop ASMR Massage Face


Vietnam Barber Shop ASMR Massage Face
24 July 2020

I'm in a Vietnam Barber Shop ASMR Massage Face - Shave - Wash Hair with Beautiful Girl, I use service: hair cut, shave, face skin care and shampoo, total is 40,000vnd (around 2usd). If you travel to Vietnam, you should try to go to a barber shop to relax, very cheap!
#vietnambarbershop #barbershop

I don't marketing for any barber shop, i just choose a random barber shop,
so please don't ask me the address of barber shop.
When you travel to Saigon and want to have experience in a barber shop,
don't hesitate to contact me, i'll guide you.
Please don't care about girls's uniform, in almost barber shop in Vietnam they wear like that.
They work hard and seriously, if you comment please give them polite words.
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